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Evergreen Service Providers ensures the dignity of all individuals served. We are committed to meeting their needs in a courteous and professional manner while nurturing individual growth in our communities.

Our homes Provide a stable and caring Environment, geared towards the whole person... body, mind and spirit. We believe each consumer is important and must be treated as a whole person.

Barbara Myers
Executive Director


My son, Mark (age 46), has been diagnosed as having Asberger's Syndrome, Chronic Undifferentiated Schizophrenia with OCD Traits, and Borderline Mental Retardation. Carol has been his host home provider for nearly two decades. Carol has been an outstanding provider for Mark. My wife (Jan) and I appreciate Carol so very, very much! As Mark's father and legal guardian, I can also state, without any hesitation, my complete satisfaction with the role Evergreen Service Providers (ESP) has played in ensuring that Mark's personal, medical, dental, recreational, and vocational needs are being met. My wife, daughter (Linda), and I have appreciated the involvement of the ESP representatives at the meetings we have attended. ESP: Thanks for the careful oversight and coordination of services you have provided for Mark! I know that Carol has felt that ESP has been the best Agency she has worked with over the years.
-Bill R.

Evergreen Service Providers is only one of many service agencies serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in this area. Having worked in this field as a direct care host home provider for over 25 years, I can say this is the best agency I have contracted with that actually works with each individual and family to support not only the their needs but also supports the care giver. I enjoy working for an agency who the individuals well being comes first, before the profits.
-Carol M.

Here is the place for optimum support for providers and clients. Respect, cooperation and kindness. Ten plus years association.
-Nancy S

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